Dating, Nuchal and Anatomy Scans
A full bladder is required.
Drink at least 2 large glasses of water 30-60 minutes before the scan. If your bladder is not full
10 minutes before the scan, please drink more water. If you become uncomfortably full, you
may empty some out before the scan.

Growth scan, Fetal Well Being
No preparation required


A secure link to your maternity scan pictures can be purchased on the day for $10 (thermal printouts are complimentary)


Non NZ Resident
Anatomy 20 weeks
Growth (including fetal well-being)
Fetal well-being (liquor & Dopplers only)
Twin Nuchal
Twin Anatomy
Twin Growth (including fetal well-being)
Twin Fetal well-being (liq/Dopp only)
4D Maternal request (no request needed)
(currently this scan is not being performed at the moment)
Obs & Maternal Renal
Obs & Maternal Abdomen

Please see pricelist for details