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Aorta and Renal Arteries
Nothing to eat 4-6 hours prior to the appointment and drink only sips of water, black tea or black coffee. Continue taking your medications as normal.
If you are diabetic please check with your doctor.

Carotid, DVT, Leg vein mapping, Arterial Doppler, Renal Transplant
No preparation required

Carotid Arteries  
DVT (unilateral)  
DVT (bilateral)  
Vein Mapping (unilateral)  
Vein Mapping (bilateral)  
Vein Marking (pre surgery unilateral)  
Vein Marking (pre surgery bilateral)  
Leg Arteries (unilateral)  
Leg Arteries (bilateral)  
Renal Arteries  
Renal Transplant